Force on Force (Advanced Concealed Carry)

This course builds upon the skills learned in basic concealed carry.

You will participate in real life situations that are not offered in any other concealed carry class. This course is designed for current CCW holders who would like to expand their personal protection skills for real life situations. Students will be using Airsoft pistols which shoot plastic projectiles.

Take the next step for a well rounded personal protection plan. One that is designed to enhance the concealed handgun permit holders ability to effectively defend themselves or others in various environments and situations. This four hour course includes limited classroom instruction and reality based “force on force” scenarios focusing on the following areas:

  • Use of Deadly Force Refresher
  • Self Defense Scenarios
  • Close Quarters Handgun
  • Weapon Retention

This advanced CCW course is mostly hands on practical application with very limited classroom instruction.

Safety equipment, including masks and gloves, are supplied to each student. Students are encouraged to wear long sleeve shirts, full length pants and comfortable shoes.


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Force on Force (Advanced Concealed Carry)

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